These geek engagement rings are just the thing for the Nintendo generation that was born in the 80's and is now starting to get hitched. From Super Mario to the Legend of Zelda, what better way to convince the geek of your life that they're the player 2 for you?

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 And if your partner in geekdom loves accessories, then it's a well known fact that no ring is perfect until paired with an equally geeky set of earrings!

Have you bought or made a cool and geeky engagement ring? Submit your photos below, or vote on your favorites!

#1 Pokeball Engagement Ring Box

Pokeball Engagement Ring Box Report

Mistrz Varflock 11 months ago

Well, she has no choice now.

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#2 Mario Ring Box

Mario Ring Box

MyLifeisaComplicatedDrinkingGame Report

DariaB 1 year ago

Why would all of you assume that the thin ring must be worn by the lady? Tastes are different ^_- Besides that, they'd have to exchange them on their wedding anyway...

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#4 Wall-e Ring Box

Wall-e Ring Box

The Model Maker Report

MyrandaValles 1 year ago

I would cry so hard! This is wonderful :)

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#7 Death Star Ring Box

Death Star Ring Box

Paul Pape Report

OwenThornton 1 year ago

Go in for the kill, Luke...

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#8 Engagement Ring That Glows If Fiance Is Near

Engagement Ring That Glows If Fiance Is Near Report

Fruitypuffs 1 year ago

Danggg an engagement ring that glows

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#9 Golden Snitch Ring

Golden Snitch Ring Report

Lorien 1 year ago

Please? Anybody?

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#17 Gold Circuit Board Ring

Gold Circuit Board Ring Report

Baked_Potato 1 year ago

I would actually want that in silver as a regular ring. Really cool and perfect for a geeky girl (like me!).

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#18 Lego Ring

Lego Ring

TitillateAnOcelot Report

AmeetaBajwa 1 year ago

diamond that comes with a case.

#19 Indiana Jones Ring

Indiana Jones Ring

Homerliwag Report

Kieleenterprise 1 year ago

it was a diamond in the rough

#20 Tardis Ring Box

Tardis Ring Box Report

OwenThornton 1 year ago

Sadly not bigger on the inside.

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