People are spending incredible amounts of time and energy analyzing every detail of Game of Thrones and coming up with all kinds of theories as to what is going to happen next.  Daenerys’ dragon Rhaegal bit the dust last week when he was taken out by Euron Greyjoy, leaving just one dragon in existence after Viserion was turned into a zombie by the Night King at the end of the last season.

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The latest frenzied Game Of Thrones theory to obsess people is that Drogon, the last dragon standing, actually isn’t the last. How can that be possible?

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Well, Drogon simply disappeared at the end of season four, and the writers made a point of having Daenerys say that she “has no idea“ where he/she might be. Searching for an explanation for this prolonged absence, people have started theorizing that he was off somewhere laying eggs. Again, how can that be possible?

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“I swear if Drogon actually had babies I was the first person to say it!” one fan wrote. “Back when he/she went rogue I said this B done gone to give birth.”

Other people are ready for the arrival of baby dragons next week: “I believe that Drogon disappeared in season four to protect his baby dragons until they were swole (big) and next week we’re going to see an army of angsty teen dragons f**k up King’s Landing.”

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For those, like me, that are confused as to how male dragons can lay eggs, someone referred to George R. R. Martin’s books that suggested that all dragons are gender fluid and are able to change their sex as they wish. Others point to the opening credits, where there is a hint of more dragons to come they perhaps we have all missed so far.

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An image in the opening credits depicts a ball of light, engraved with one big golden dragon surrounded by three baby ones.

One observant fan said: “So if this is true, that dragon pic is probs Drogon flying in with three babies that are going to easily fly in past the harpoons.”

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The last piece in the jigsaw of this reasonably plausible theory is in Euron’s face as he looks up into the sky during the preview for the next episode. As a dragon’s roar is heard he seems to wear a slightly astonished look, one that would not have come from seeing Drogon alone. Is it the fleet of dragon babies he has just spotted?

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