When they're not hunting for human brain, the undead can be cute as well. Artist Emi MG is creating whimsical zombie comics, placing them in everyday situations with humans, and her strips perfectly reveal the sweet side of those adorable freaks.

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Emi has a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Illustration, giving her all the required knowledge and skill to masterfully portray her humorous stories. And she delivers! From having fun with their limbs to buying extra ones online, Emi's zombie comedy blends horror movie motifs with humor in clever and unexpected ways. Scroll down to check out her work and upvote your favorite pieces!

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#1 Shot In The Feelings

Shot In The Feelings

Emilia Illustrations Report

7 months ago

They..they were my family!!

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#3 Vampire Filter

Vampire Filter

Emilia Illustrations Report

Sarah 7 months ago

The clothes should still be visible.

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#4 Head Above The Rest

Head Above The Rest

Emilia Illustrations Report

Mhiller17 7 months ago

short people problems 😅

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#6 Hissed Off

Hissed Off

Emilia Illustrations Report

Megan 7 months ago


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#7 Cinderfella


Emilia Illustrations Report

Lara B. 7 months ago

At least it is easier for the prince to find someone without a leg instead of someone without the one shoe.

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