Just as our parents couldn’t imagine getting a date without a discotheque, many of us can’t deny the power of Tinder dating when it comes to bringing two people together. And while many of us realize that online dating is an emotional and moral mine field for those seeking a serious relationship, with some originality and perseverance, one can truly find someone special. One of such people was Spencer, who posted his efforts to get a Tinder date last year, but the screenshots have resurfaced on Imgur and are making rounds again. And for a good reason, as Spencer’s attempt is quite funny!

Spencer, looking for a date, came across Sarah’s Tinder profile and got quite interested in this lovely lass. Unfortunately, getting to know her involved much greater effort than just swiping right and sending her a text message. It turns out, the 21-year-old lady was seeking a “companion for one night of haunted houses and an afternoon at the pumpkin patch” and was only accepting dating profiles sent by email.

Spencer went ahead and decided to pitch his Tinder bio to Sarah by writing down his best qualities in an email. He advertised his experience in “many fall activities such as haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin carving, and apple picking” to persuade his dating site interest in picking him as a companion.

And as if a motivational letter was not enough, Spencer also attached a full resume to convince Sarah to pick him as her new fall companion. “Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you” he finished the email, mocking the formal letter style.

His resume started off with a simple introduction:
“My objective is to obtain a companionship experience for the fall 2017 haunted house and hayride season. I am available evenings and weekends through the first snowfall. I am willing to relocate for companionship experiences and available beyond pumpkin season as well if more opportunities arise. As compensation, I am searching for a partner for costume parties at the end of October. Costumes TBD.”

He continued his resume with a section detailing his experience. For the period between September 2006 and October 2015, Spencer detailed his work with “Spooky Houses Inc.” like a haunted house explorer:
“I attended my first haunted house in 5th grade at this haunted house under an old grocery store in Des Moines, and I promise I didn’t even soil myself at all seriously. Since then, I have visited many spooky establishments, including sleepy hollow and the haunted forest. I have taken a hiatus since high school because my friends are little [dummies].”
He continued to describe his work related to fall:
“I am typically found wearing a band tee and a flannel. I drink black coffee ten months out of the year but make an exception for spiced cider and the occasional pumpkin [latte]. Did I mention I wear a lot of flannel? Wanna you carve pumpkins and roast the seeds? I got you. Plus I will be wearing flannel.”

But that wasn’t the end of Spencer’s resume. The man continued by listing what his education was. It turns out that Spencer studied mechanical engineering in Iowa State University.
“I am a [damn] nerd, but I enjoy what I am doing, and that’s what really matters, right? If you want to know more, I can talk nerdy to you until you reach a full-on climax of mathematical knowledge. If that doesn’t interest you, I know how to shut up about it too.”

Spencer goes on with a short section detailing what skills the guy possesses in a further attempt to woo Sarah into accepting his application. His skills include:
“• Appreciation for good music. Into alt stuff but always looking for something new
• Can drink an Irish Car Bomb in 1.2 seconds
• I can cook pretty well. Specialty: Carbonara
• I can fix most things which comes in handy
• Equally good at going out and getting lit as staying in to cuddle and watch movies
• Great beard. Willing to trim but not shave clean.”

For the last touch, the guy finished his application with a section titled “TRAVEL,” retelling his experiences of, well… traveling:
“I was a sheltered child and am just starting to get out and see the world, but now that I have, I can’t stop. I have done yearly camping and hiking trips to national parks for the past three years. I went to Australia last winter. Going to Thailand for spring break because it’s cheaper and only slightly more dangerous.”
Spencer sent out his resume hoping for the best and, luckily, his arduous effort paid off as Sarah soon replied!

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