Did you notice how hairdresser prices have been going up lately? No? Well, they have. Probably. It depends on where you live. In some places it has, prompting some to look for alternatives.

Sir Michael, a comedian and Twitter personality who tells short stories that are part of a bigger lively narrative, had a brilliant idea for a workaround for not having to pay for his haircut, but he needed an ally to execute the plan, leading to a tear-off paper ad.

Believe it or not, someone did respond, and what ensued was a hilarious conversation between Sir Michael and a potential partner in crime elaborating on the plan.

Haircut prices are rising, but there are ways to avoid this problem by taking Michael up on his offer

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Believe it or not, someone did respond, and what ensued was a hilarious conversation between Sir Michael and a potential partner in crime elaborating on the plan.

So, Sir Michael recently posted one of those tear-off paper ads on a wall in an undisclosed public area. The title read “Free Haircut”, and continued to say hair stylist prices are getting out of hand, urging anyone interested in a free haircut to give a call to the number provided below.

Well, sure enough, someone was interested and sent him a text. A conversation soon developed with Sir Michael explaining the plan about how the two will get a free haircut:

Comedian Sir Michael devised a plan whereby he and, honestly, anyone else, could get a free haircut

Here’s an illustration of what the disguise would look like

Image credits: SirMichael

This tweet also included the caption “Think I made a new friend today”, which is a recurring theme among Sir Michael’s tweets. You see, he is lonely because he fell out with a friend of his around 5 years ago and has been looking for a new friend ever since.

If Sir Michael sounds all too familiar to you, it is quite likely that you have read another article connected to him that Bored Panda had covered back in February. Then, Sir Michael shared his letter to NASA, asking them why they stopped sending naughty animals to space, and their subsequent answer.

So, one very believable and elaborate disguise kit later, he continues explaining the plan

Image credits: SirMichael

The idea is to have Sir Michael meet this person at the barber shop on Barrack Street, Waterford. Michael gets the haircut first, during which the other person says “Oh, I’m his best friend, I will also want a haircut and will pay for the both of us.” The barber will certainly agree to that.

Then when the other person is having his hair cut, Michael will leave and come back with a disguise (provided above) and say the same thing: “that’s my friend, I’ll pay for him”. The other person leaves, comes back with a disguise, and they continue to rinse and repeat the process until the barbet gets confused as to who has paid and who hasn’t.

And, you know what, it’s the kind of scheme that you surely would want to see work out—maybe not with you in action, but surely you’d want to see them pull it off! Well, the conversation ended up as a flop as the other person didn’t want anything to do with it, so Sir Michael moved on to his next plan and offered to just cut each other’s hair. The other person never replied.

The tweet went viral, garnering over 161,000 likes with 55,000 retweets

Image credits: Michael1979

Image credits: Michael1979

Image credits: Michael1979

Bored Panda also got in touch with Sir Michael, who elaborated that there were others who also replied, but, unfortunately, they gave up: “I think three other people texted about the free haircut opportunity but these cowards gave up quickly after a couple of texts. That was fine with me, though, because I don’t work with people who aren’t committed to learning all the details of my ingenious plans.”

And if that doesn’t ring a bell, Sir Michael has over 225,100 followers on Twitter, so there is a chance that you might have just stumbled upon his tweets. Speaking of which, the haircut proposal tweet managed to garner over 161,000 likes with 55,000 retweets.

Oh, and disguises will be provided just this once, but don’t get comfy as next time you’re expected to pitch in

Image credits: Michael1979

Image credits: Michael1979

Sir Michael has tons of content in this vein, writing witty letters to various institutions on pressing issues, putting up some of the best ads for a myriad of his services, and whatnot, so if you want to see more and be his friend (and possibly his best friend), follow his Twitter. You can also buy him a coffee while you’re at it.

Here’s how the rest of the internet reacted

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But before you go, why not let us know what you thought about this scheme? Would you want to join Sir Michael in pulling this off? Let us know in the comment section below!