I moved to Indiana from Chicago a little over a year ago with my husband and two sons. Shortly I saw this tiny peanut with long red hair running around in the neighborhood playground. I couldn’t understand how a two year old could possibly talk in full sentences like that. Found out later that she was 4, just like my oldest son, only half his size (I give birth to giants).The minute I saw Paisleigh, I knew I was going to be taking pictures of her, but didn’t have the courage to go and knock on her mother’s door. Every time I saw her, I felt like a stalker looking at her and thinking what an amazing model she would be. I ended up asking one of her older brothers to go talk to their mom for me.

Paisleigh is a tiny, sweet, sassy, and energetic 3 foot tall four year old girl. She loves to talk, tell stories, and play dress up. Her love for anything girly, such as unicorns and of course glitter defines her personality well. Who doesn’t love Unicorns and glitter???

This tiny, yet dynamic personality little girl enjoys dressing up and being the star of the show. Her love for taking photographs shows more and more.

I am so lucky that my perfect model lives across the street from me. She is the one that I go to when I come up with crazy ideas, when I get inspired to take pictures, rain or shine, snow or fog. Her mom says: “Paisleigh, your boss called me, it’s time to go to work”. It blows my mind how photogenic and how natural she feels in front of the camera, because with my sons (ages 3 and 5) It’s a different experience. By the time I place them and back up with my camera to capture the moment – they are long gone… but not her… She loves it and enjoys every minute of it, or maybe she’s just doing it for the treat that she gets after the photo session.

I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I do.¬¬

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my son and Paisleigh, two 4 year olds