The downside to having your spouse as a friend on social media is that, chances are, you’re going to get called out on your bullshit from time-to-time. This was the case for one guy, who found what appears to be a rather cute toad perched underneath his toilet seat.

“I guess he came via the plumbing,” he suggested earnestly. But there was more to this story, much more. Enter his wife, who apparently had her doubts about her husband’s innocent explanation. In a withering put down, laden with passive-aggressive sentiment, the wife delivered a much more plausible explanation for the appearance of Mr. Toad, while giving an amusing insight into the married life of this particular couple. Scroll down below to check out the hilarious background story for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

One man decided to post pics of a little ‘frog’ he found, together with a possible explanation

But his theory was shattered when his own wife commented on the post

Here’s what people had to say