It’s not often an error can prove to be creatively inspired.

But the DesignCrowd community has used their Photoshop skills to doctor a typo onto some classic movie posters for great comical effect.

By deliberately swapping just one letter in the film title, they have been able to create a whole series of alternative productions.

Ideas include Ghostbusters into Ghostbuskers, Jaws into Paws, and Superman into Supermap.

More info:

#1 Scream To Stream

Scream To Stream

Shasta28 Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

"someone has taken their love of nature one step too far" LOL

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#2 Jaws To Paws

Jaws To Paws

Khrimson Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

so cute

#3 Kong To Pong

Kong To Pong

Andyblum Report

AlasdairMiller 2 years ago

change 2 letters makes ping pong.

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#4 God To Pod

God To Pod

Gixvax Report

faiththestoryteller 2 years ago

oh. Oh. OH.

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#5 Man To Map

Man To Map

Benja Report

DariaB 2 years ago

I actually like this outfit.

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#6 Fish To Dish

Fish To Dish

Drumbi Report

#7 Life To Lime

Life To Lime

Wazupdoc Report

PeterSchenckJr. 2 years ago

Every time a bell rings a shot of Tequila is poured.

#8 Ted To Tea

Ted To Tea

Motorphoto Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

might be a British version

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#9 Busters To Buskers

Busters To Buskers

Spjgraphics Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

The ghost looks annoyed

#10 Dawn To Pawn

Dawn To Pawn

Rfthraly Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

Pawn Sacrifice