It’s perfectly normal and healthy for a cat to sleep for 16-20 hours per day! Why?

In the wild, cats must hunt for their food and this takes a lot of time and energy. Although a house cat doesn’t hunt for meals, the natural need to doze off and save energy will always be there.

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Paf and Tika are true masters at falling asleep any time, any place, under any circumstances

Cats sleep soundly after strenuous exercise, a big meal or if their surroundings are very warm

Our feline friends don’t necessarily use the very expensive beds that you buy for them

Cats normally tell you where they want to sleep

Cats are always on alert, even when they’re asleep. Little Tika has a very rapid reaction state when she hears a plastic noise. Are those treats?

You can tell when a cat is in light sleep because their ears will twitch and rotate toward noises and their eyes will be open a tiny bit

The Yin Yang sleeping position, their favourite it

If your cat was a human… “Study for 10 minutes, reward yourself with 50 minutes break”

Yeah, napping is more effective than a cup of coffee

This video will make you laugh!!!