For experimental artist and amateur baker Jamie Tan (25), being asked to create cake sculptures for the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles was like landing her dream job. Adrián Villar Rojas’ current ongoing exhibition entitled, ‘Theater of Disappearance’, features hidden gems of her cake creations, designed to mirror the varying textures and natural rock formations surrounding the installation. “The process was very methodological and involved a lot of trial and error,” she said, “I was constantly adjusting ingredient quantities, time and temperature until it became a science.”

According to Jamie, she began teaching herself how to bake 4 years ago as a meditative practice. When she’s not working as a designer on live event projections and broadcast commercials, she spends her time in the kitchen, exploring new culinary techniques and creating unusual edible food art.

Check out some of her stunning creations!

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This rose is made of phyllo pastry and sliced apples. Wow!

These layered cakes are covered in marbled fondant that reflects the natural contours of sedimentary rock.

This cake uses cinnamon crumb and meat floss to replicate earth. It even has mushrooms!