Forget florals. Embroidery first came to life for me when I realized I could use it to replicate the human body.

Nothing is as fascinating, exciting, and challenging as human anatomy and single-stranded stitches are perfect for accurately rendering its colors and textures. In fact, in each of my specialist pieces, I only ever use satin stitch, split stitch, French knots, and couching, all basic stitches in embroidery!

I started stitching after having extensive facial surgery which you can read about in my previous post. You can also check out some of my earlier anatomical pieces and find out how I stitch them. Scroll down, though, to see my latest pieces, some of which have already been bought by medics and surgeons across the world.

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Hand-embroidered lungs on a 10-inch hoop

Each piece contains many shades of the same color

My rendering of a brain stem was bought as a gift for a neuroscientist

This hand was created on a six-inch hoop with only two types of stitches

My latest piece of the female urinary system. Took almost 70 hours

I study and dissect organs to help me recreate textures. Yellow French knots are perfect for body fat!

This piece was commissioned by a vet and took three months to complete

Choosing the correct shades as well as stitch direction is tricky, but worth it

Falso color brings pieces to life and defines specific parts of the anatomy

Anatomical embroidered eyeball