Heartbroken and homeless, this poor panda was rescued from the refuse by compassionate strangers. Spa treatments, art therapy, spontaneous outings and a sense of purpose turned his life around, and his daily adventures bring joy to his caring saviors, making them wonder exactly who rescued whom? In the end, this is a tale of the transformative power of love from one big-hearted panda and his new-found friends.

Please join us in giving Edgar Alley Poe (we discovered him in an alley, hello!) a warm welcome into your hearts.

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The story begins with this poor panda, abandoned behind an office building. One by one, the tenants noticed the forlorn panda but walked right by

The next day, the situation looked worse. It was clear that this panda’s life had hit rock bottom

Unable to stand the suffering any longer, a group of office workers made the decision to conduct a rescue mission

One of rescuers noted that no one could begin emotional or mental healing before caring for the physical well-being, and so she took for the weekend

The day of pampering included a full bath, facial and massage

A full day spa treatment

Of course, no transformation would be complete without a new wardrobe

Fitness came naturally to him, and really helped boost his confidence

His physical needs met, it was time to focus on his emotional and mental well being. The Panda Rescue Team opted to try art therapy

Daily social interactions include the occasional car karaoke session with friends

Soon, Edgar “Alley” Poe became interested in current happenings, and pondered how he could he do his part to make the world a little brighter