I’m a true Halloween Queen, fanatic some say, but this year I was feeling lazy when it came to carving my pumpkins. Had to be done, but lack of motivation, laziness, being pleased with the rest of the decos I even gave them the same faces, so I knew something had to be done!

With a few mini pumpkins, sharpie marker, fake blood, knives and candles, you can make the below Carnage Scene >:D

More info: flickr.com

Pumpkin Carnage

Sharpie on a couple faces

Pour some fake blood on the veggie-sliced minis, include a cleaver for extra effect

Candles can help illuminate the scene

I found that the combination of candles and sun still up/getting ready to set was m best bet when it came to lighting. Not a lot of effort involved, but I love the outcome, enjoy!! And have a Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!