Despite what baking videos make it look like, cake decorating is far from easy. It actually requires some skills, knowledge, and relentless practice. So don’t let them fool you and make sure you know what you’re doing before preparing something grandiose for an important occasion. However, if you don’t mind your cake looking a little bit off, go ahead⁠—you might even end up going viral. That’s exactly what happened to Teresa Such, who bought an ugly lamb cake for Easter lunch and decided to fix it up a little before serving it. To her surprise, it all went horribly wrong, and she had to call the process “How to meess up Easter in 11 easy steps… ”

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Woman named Teresa went viral for showing “How to meess up Easter in 11 easy steps… “

It all happened 2 years ago when Teresa was preparing to celebrate Easter at her uncle’s house.

“Easter for me is a time to be with my family. We don’t see each other that often and every holiday, we sit around, get drunk, swap stories, and make fun of each other,” she told Bored Panda. The whole family agreed that everyone would bring 1 dish. Teresa chose to bring dessert.

As it turns out, Easter lambs are high in demand; however, the woman was lucky enough to score this cake. Sadly, it was not exactly like she wanted and the lamb’s creepy red eyes made it look like, in Teresa’s words, the spawn of Satan. But hey, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed, right? Or at least that’s what she thought at the moment.


The beginning was promising. Teresa scraped off the frosting with ease. However, that was when tragedy ensued.

“The goal from start to finish was to make this ugly store-bought cake look better. The first thing that went wrong was that I was drunk by the time I got to the icing part. I got home from the store and poured myself a very stiff drink, and thought let’s do this. I started scraping off the icing that was on it and the ears fell off,” she told us.


Teresa admits she wasnt pleased with the result.

“Once I got done icing it and put the eyes on, I realized that it was a monstrosity, but I was still going to try and bring it anyway (I’d rather be made fun of than come empty-handed.) Right after I took the first picture of it, its head fell off. I went into full panic mode and decided that I wasn’t going to bring dessert.”


What’s worse than bringing a train wreck of a lamb cake to Easter lunch? That’s right, not bringing any cake!

So Teresa decided to show her family members her creation and hope for the best.


“A few minutes, and drinks, later, I decided against it and to keep going. So I put some more toothpicks in it to put its head back on it. I tried re-icing it again and it just looked even worse than before.”

“I then decided to grab a knife and smooth it out, thinking that would make the situation a lot better, and it didn’t. There was no turning back. I decided just to go with it and I brought it the next day to Easter lunch.”

In case you’re wondering, no, they didn’t eat it.

“It turned out that everyone loved it, thought it was hilarious and didn’t want to cut into it and ruin it (ironic, I know,)” the woman said.


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