"These violent delights have violent ends..." - William Shakespeare.

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As is the story of Juliet & her Romeo and apparently the photography world walks the same line with how competitive it is. One of the best things about my job is that I get to be the creative I have always wanted to be. I love the fairytale aspect of photography and how we all interpret it differently. 

I was bummed to hear that in our photo community my peers where a bit afraid of communicating with each other as they thought they would be harshly judged. If anything in a community such as ours this shouldn't happen. Most of us who participated in this shoot... We're southern for crying out loud! Hospitality is in our veins. As I kept hearing more and more about this I got to thinking I had planned on shooting this alone with my team and then it hit me to invite my peers to just tear down that tension bearer and do what we love to do together as a collective. And it was an EPIC success! Romeo + Juliet is one of my favorite works of Shakespeare & to get to create it in the way I saw it in my head was absolutely phenomenal! Getting to shoot with all of these incredible talents was amazing and something I'll cherish forever! Community > Competition.

Photography:  Cat Salley

MUAH: Crystal Pierce

Models:  Clayton Sawyer + Lil

More info: redpoppyphoto.org


Dreamy Romeo And Juliet Inspired Photo Shoot


Melody Lanzatella 10 months ago

That is absolutely my fave line from ALL of Shakespeares' works! (Violent delights...)