I Captured Hina Matsuri.

Hina-matsuri, the Festival of Dolls, is held on March 3rd.

This festival is one of traditional Japanese customs.

Hinamatsuri is a celebration for young girl’s healthy growth and happiness.

People celebrate the health and happiness of girls.

Families display special dolls known as Hina-ningyo on Hina-Matsuri.

The dolls wear traditional court costumes of the Heian era(794-1185 ).

The dolls are usually set up at around Imbolc day, or sometime by 24th of February.

Hishimochi, Shirozake(rice wine) and peach flowers are displayed together.

We are encouraged to put them away as soon as possible after March 3. It is believed that if we don’t do that, the girl’s marriage will be delayed, however it is just a superstition.

Famous superstition says the tradition of Hina-Matsuri was brought from China, and it still has been celebrated annually in a Japanese way.

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