The question “do Disney character designs portray realistic bodies?” is probably as old as the 95-year-old studio itself. It still is a very popular topic among up-and-coming illustrators on the internet as well. A ton has been said and drawn for and against the physiques of their cartoon characters, but recently one woman shared her own opinion about this Disney character matter and it quickly went viral, once again grabbing everyone’s attention.

Everything began after she saw Curvy Disney Pinups By Ashley Beevers. ” Do these people really think a mermaid who swims constantly would be fat?” she asked. Scroll down to read why the woman thinks Disney body proportions are fine the way they are and tells us in the comments if you agree!

Disney “body standards” has been a popular topic for a really long time now and this article was the last straw for one woman

After seeing it go viral she shared her thoughts on the subject matter, adding more fuel to the already burning-hot debate


Image credits: thetruebodyposi

Most people agreed with her strong words

Others, however, had different opinions

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