I recently traveled just north of Coober Pedy in central Australia with my partner, who manages one of the indigenous properties up there. The region has suffered from years of extreme drought and the poor animals are suffering to the point of death. Amazingly the week before we arrived the area had some rainfall and some of the dams finally have water. At the same time, it was incredibly sad to see that if some of these animals had just held on for a few more days they would have had water and been able to survive.

1km into the property and signs of the drought were apparent already

Camels that are meant to be able to live for months without water have been dying and struggling to survive

What a sight to behold

Drought is not the only cause of death out here – it is a harsh life, this poor fellow got his legs entangled in a fence he was trying to jump

One tree had a young camel and 4 kangaroo’s that had decided to lie down and use it as shelter – they never got up again

More relief

This young wild horse couldn’t survive

Cattle on the property with no food or water- sadly the dam just behind the sand hill is now full

We only saw about 10 camels on this trip – 30 had died the previous week due to a dried up bore

The obligatory station cattle dog – he wasn’t much of a guard dog but he sure was happy to see us

Early morning start to catch the sunrise over the Breakaways

Life will prevail

Blessed rain

If you zoom in you can see the scratch marks from the dingoes claws digging down to try and find water

So sad. Puppy, if you had only held on for a few more days

Animal tracks into the center of a dried-up dam to try and find water