The 5th of December is International Ninja Day, and we thought the best way to celebrate would be with pics of the greatest ninjas of all time - turtles.

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Post photos of your turtles and tortoises and vote for the cutest ones on our list!

#1 Super Happy Flying Turtle

Super Happy Flying Turtle

gur4red Report

Debs 2 years ago

He looks so happy!!!!

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#2 My Friend's New Baby Turtle

My Friend's New Baby Turtle

morgiibee Report

Onennon 2 years ago

"pls halp meh pls"

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#9 Baby Turtle

Baby Turtle


AlexaJadeBrimeyer 2 years ago

It's so tiny

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#10 Encounters


FuYi Chen Report

alexa_bessee 2 years ago

Are you talkin to me!?

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#11 Here's My Pocket Turtle

Here's My Pocket Turtle

unicornpoacher666 Report

catiekent 2 years ago

they have the same expresions!

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#12 African Helmeted Turtle

African Helmeted Turtle

gnomicfox Report

SayomiAmani 2 years ago

This picture makes me happy

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#13 Albino Tortoise

Albino Tortoise

jewff Report

JimHubbard 2 years ago

I hope this one is in a protected environment.

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#15 Super Funny Turtle

Super Funny Turtle

shlay3 Report

catiekent 2 years ago