What’s cuter than a sleeping bear cub? Two sleeping bear cubs. Here are 31 photos of animals cuddling up and sleeping together in blissful slumber.

Interestingly enough, sleep time and habits vary greatly in the animal kingdom, even among mammals. Elephants sleep for only 3-4 hours a day due to the amount of time they must spend eating, while little brown bats may sleep for as many as 20 hours because they have the luxury of especially safe and hard-to-reach roosts. Marine mammals like whales and some seals are capable of sleeping with only half of their brain – the other half makes sure they stay afloat and that they resurface regularly.

Now check out these cute and beautiful images – we hope they give you sweet dreams.

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Source: bear.org

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Image credits: Dona Minúcia

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Admit it – now you want to be a pillow too!

Image credits: Richard Austin

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