Is true love the dominion of people alone, or can animals love, too? After all, there are many examples of animals that mate for life: crows, swans, wolves, gibbons. So if animals can fall in love, maybe they also like smooching their beloved? As Valentine's Day approaches, it's ok to suspend your disbelief!

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This collection of animal lovebirds will make your heart melt, and force you to watch a shmoopy Disney movie with anthropomorphized critters. Which couple is the most in love? Be Cupid's judge, or, if you have any cute photos of animals necking, submit them below!

#1 First Kiss

First Kiss

GravyWagon Report

Debbie 1 year ago

"Can someone please teach this guy how to kiss"??.. Ha,ha,ha....

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#2 A Little Kiss

A Little Kiss Report

Lazy_Potato 12 months ago

His face though...😂

#3 Bunny Kiss

Bunny Kiss Report

Debbie 1 year ago

Very cute and pretty!

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#6 Family Kiss

Family Kiss

Wolfgang von Vietinghoff Report

SubatomicKitty 1 year ago

The baby is like: guys what about me

#7 I Must Kiss You

I Must Kiss You

obsessedwithkittycats Report

JanetLiu 1 year ago

childhood crushes, anybody?

#9 Even Pigeons Feel It

Even Pigeons Feel It

Pamela Ross Report

DariaB 1 year ago

In Italy couples in love are also called "piccioncini", which means "little pigeons", or "cute pigeons".

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#10 That Awkward First Kiss

That Awkward First Kiss

bukithd Report

Rism 1 year ago

Gyahahahahaha, and surprised too

#13 Couple Parrot

Couple Parrot

kitty bern Report

QuinnEnestvedt 1 year ago

They're actually Sun Conures.

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