Who doesn’t love elderly couples? They are living proof of life-long love, and there’s nothing cuter than seeing two senior citizens walking around holding hands. And everyone admires older people who still know how to have a little fun, too. Recently, someone came across the cutest Amazon review – an elderly couple bought Halloween costumes for a party, and their child posted a photo of the cute couple in their new bumblebee and beekeeper’s costumes. The person who found this gem added: “The cutest Amazon review I have ever stumbled upon, I still go back and find it from time to time for a smile.”

The review was posted four years ago on Amazon

The review says that the couple’s costumes were purchased for the person’s mother, who’s 88 and father – a 92-year-old gentleman. They dressed up as a bumblebee and a beekeeper, and, as the person later writes, this Halloween costume idea was a real hit at the party!

The person who posted the review also attached two pictures of the elderly couple in their new cute Halloween costumes

Image credits: cabass

It was no surprise that people absolutely loved the review, and admired the enduring happiness of the lovely couple!