Pet owners are catching their furry friends in crime scenes, or, well, in some cases, discovering the crime scene and then figuring out immediately who committed the action. It’s fascinating that some of the pets think that there is no way you'll find out who has round paws to walk all over a pie, sharp nails to test the sturdiness of the material of the sofa, or whose teeth are sharp enough to bite through an electrical cord. And all you get for an explanation is those heart-melting ‘it wasn’t me’ eyes.

And what do these criminals usually target, you might ask? Well, anything that is about to be shoved in the oven or just out of it, that has been freshly painted, or, in general, is intended to be kept tidy and neat. Check out the list below of the most notorious, but, let’s admit, cutest criminals and vote for your favorite ones!

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Twitter user @urfriendimane's post of a ready-to-bake pie base with tiny paw marks on it and the cutest kitten on the other side received 1.5M likes and over 232.6K retweets at the time of writing. And the people responded with numerous pictures of the crime scenes and their criminal pets, some looking more guilty than others and some not caring about what they have done.

Some Twitter users were really concerned about whether the pie with the cat paw prints was eaten or not, which @urfriendimane reassured them it wasn’t. Many users shared not only photos, but also added stories of their culinary creations that, unfortunately, were used by cats to walk on or as an unauthorized spot to sharpen their nails. Well, perhaps the feline family members were just helping to decorate and therefore they are absolutely innocent?


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2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

And they look so tasty! I hope this person just ate the part around it, and didn't let those go to waste!

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