Doorstops don't get a lot of love as far as design is concerned – most of us are content with a rubber or wooden wedge. These creative doorstops, however, prove that even these oft-ignored accessories can jazz up your home!

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If you know of any fun doorstop designs that deserve to be on this list, please add them. Upvote your favorites, too!

#1 Paint Tube Doorstop

Paint Tube Doorstop Report

TinyDynamine 2 years ago

Please edit the link as it just links to this page!

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#2 The Wizard Of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop

The Wizard Of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop Report

JenBrant 2 years ago

I'm not even a fan of TWoO, but I love this!

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#3 Money Doorstop

Money Doorstop Report

YvonneBernal 2 years ago

I bet that door doesn't stay open for very long... people keep picking up the money!

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#4 Whimsical Wildlife Doorstop

Whimsical Wildlife Doorstop Report

YuriLee 2 years ago

"Please don't crush me! I wasn't eavesdropping..." T^T

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#5 Cat Paw Doorstop

Cat Paw Doorstop Report

GeorgetteGoldie 2 years ago

perfect for bathrooms

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#6 Great Wave Doorstop

Great Wave Doorstop Report

Yourrapturetastessosweet 2 years ago

Oh! So Cuuuuuute!

#7 Kenny Doorstop

Kenny Doorstop


#8 Zombie Doorstop

Zombie Doorstop


MandiLedbetter 2 years ago

I need this one!

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#9 Tentacle Doorstop

Tentacle Doorstop Report

JoizeeAlvarado-Javier 2 years ago

halloween scare! :D

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#10 Ice Cream Doorstop

Ice Cream Doorstop Report

LamiaaAtef 2 years ago

Every time will see it, i'll feell that i have to clean the mess.. LOL

#11 Gold Bar Doorstop

Gold Bar Doorstop Report

SylwiaMuzyka 2 years ago

priceless :p

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#12 Mouse Doorstop

Mouse Doorstop Report

Sky 2 years ago

I have this one!!

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#13 Metal Dog Doorstop

Metal Dog Doorstop Report

stellaglp76 2 years ago

Is this doggie door stop still available? Whee and how do I get it?

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#14 Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Report

TinyDynamine 2 years ago

That looks far too thin to work.

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#15 Foot In The Door Doorstop

Foot In The Door Doorstop


LorettaEllis 2 years ago

Owww lmao

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