A company full of Warhammer fans in the UK has made a weapon from upcoming video game Dawn of War III in real life. The fist weighs an impressive 9.6KGs, with a 6.5KG set of moving knuckles made of solid CNC milled weapons grade aluminium.

While the carapace is 3D printed from glass reinforced nylon and is not dissimilar to what racing cars are made from. In fact, it is the single biggest item ever 3D printed in the UK.

The fist has two 3000PSI air cylinders which fire a pneumatic cylinder, that extends the fist at over 500mms – allowing anyone to punch through a brick wall.

In video game Dawn of War III the Power Fist, is a weapon used by 11ft tall super soldiers, but with some clever harnesses, anyone can use it. Why? Is the simple question to ask. Well the designers of the fist think that as well as smashing ork skulls, it could make a great fruit salad. Or could be the next major fashion accessory. It’s a powerful look…

More info: dawnofwar.com

The infomercial for the super weapon