Probably most of us go through some hardships throughout our lifetimes but we have to admit that few things match the misery brought upon completely innocent people by war. And while many terrible things happened during the time of the World Wars, the genocide of Jews during World War II is one of the most heartwrenching tragedies in human history. It could be hard to believe but it’s still affecting people nowadays even though so many years have passed. Luckily, despite the hardships of the past, today’s story is kind of a happy ending at least for two men and their families. The two cousins finally got to meet after being separated 75 years ago during the holocaust.

Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz were best friends as kids but got torn apart when their families fled from Romania during the holocaust

Image credits: Leetal Ofer

The pair were the best of friends before the Nazis invaded their home country Romania in 1940. The war separated their families as they didn’t flee the country together. Both of them grew up believing the other died in some concentration camp. Until some time ago their children reconnected with their long lost relatives on Facebook.

Only to be reunited in Israel after several decades of believing the other one was dead

Image credits: Leetal Ofer

Morris’ niece came across Simon’s daughter while searching for relatives online and reached out only to find out that Simon is alive and well and lives in the United Kingdom. Morris resides in Ra’anana, Israel. It took some time but they organized a heartwarming reunion for the two long-estranged men in Tel Aviv, Israel. One of the relatives recorded a video of this emotional reunion, leaving people all over the world in tears as well as Morris and Simon themselves.

It all happened thanks to Sana’s niece and Mairowitz’s daughter who reunited the relatives on Facebook

Image credits: Leetal Ofer

Despite the fact that both men are in their 80’s (Sana is 87 years old and Mairowitz is 85), they plan to keep the connection and see each other as often as they can, reconstructing the beautiful bond they had as children.