I am Antti Karppinen and I just love superhero movies and especially movie posters. As a visual artist I enjoy making cool storytelling images. My dream is to be the one making all these Superhero movie posters, that is why I started doing pictures of cosplay artists. In my mind they deserve all the attention possible.

Last year I took part of my first Comic Con and when I saw all the details in the costumes I was hooked. I had this back-bag flash with me and took some pretty amazing shots of the people in the event. When people saw my images they went pretty crazy since they haven’t seen their creations and characters in these almost movie poster-like images.

I started going to various events and contacting people with cool costumes. I decided to give something back to these guys, they deserve it.

These images are from my latest Comic Con, Cardiff Film & Comic Con. I decided to go with two flash setup so I could do even better pictures of them. I wanted to create these simple, well lit portraits, but then also I retouched some and will do more when I have time.

I cannot wait to go to the next event and see all these characters and also see what new I will bring to the table. And hopefully I can go to the “real deal”, San Diego Comic Con someday to make these images.

More info: anttikarppinen.com


Queen of Hearts

Jack Sparrow

I even contacted this local Jack Sparrow imitator (Cardiff Jack Sparrow) and made movie poster images of him. For me he was the real deal. It was almost the same thing as shooting the real Johnny Depp, he was that good!




Assassins Creed


Tomb Raider




Captain America

Mary Poppins

Poison Ivy

Agent Carter




Red Arrow