79-year-old David Nagy was one of 7016 Texas residents who have passed away from coronavirus. But David’s death, just like those of other innocent victims, could have been avoided.

In order to make the grieving family’s voice heard, his heartbroken wife Stacey wrote a powerful obituary in the local newspaper Jefferson Jimplecute on July 30. It soon caught the attention of people on social media and spread far further than Jefferson, a city of around 1,961 residents.

The impassioned obituary laid it out loud and clear who is to blame for David’s “needless death” and even stated that karma will “find you all!” Let’s take a look at the full text down below, which surely gives a lot of food for thought, especially these days when the pandemic is breathing over our shoulder but many still refuse to take it seriously.

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The widow’s impassioned obituary for her husband who died of coronavirus has spread far further than the small town of Jefferson

Image credits: deborah91473

Image credits: deborah91473

Image credits: Stacey Sylos Nagy

In early July, David got sick and was taken to a local hospital where he tested positive for coronavirus. As his health worsened, doctors tried placing him on a ventilator, injecting remdesivir, and trying plasma therapy.

His wife Stacey wasn’t allowed inside and could only open the door less than an inch so they could talk. “He was unconscious by then, but I told him I loved him and I cried,” she said in this interview. On July 22, her husband became yet another needless coronavirus victim.

Stacey has shared her text published in a local newspaper on Facebook

Image credits: Stacey Sylos Nagy

Image credits: Stacey Sylos Nagy

Even though Marion County is no longer exempt from Gov. Abbott’s mask mandate due to the number of active cases reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services, widow Stacey Abbot still thinks that people aren’t taking the pandemic seriously.

“The people who are dying are the older people especially—a lot of younger people are dying too—but it’s almost like they’re saying, ‘Who cares about the older people?’ I’ve been with my husband for 20 years and all of a sudden he’s gone. People should know how this makes others feel.”

Stacey also said that he’s far from the only husband and father to die. “There’s been thousands of other husbands and wives and fathers and mothers and brothers that have died.” But she believes David would be proud of her now, though, for standing up for him and others.

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