Instead of wearing different rings on different fingers, why not wear one ring on all of your digits? No, I'm not talking about a knuckle duster. I'm talking about these cute 3-piece animal rings!

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These beautiful rings will drive your fingers wild! Made by Mary Lou Store, these enamel three-piece accessories can fit together to form an animal doing something cute, or can be worn separately. For example, when worn on three fingers, one set of rings appear to be a squirrel after an acorn.

Her quirky rings are made from brass, coated with enamel and plated with 18K gold. We previously featured her rings here but she's since created a bunch of awesome new designs. From a sleepy sloth and a flamboyant flamingo to a cute crane and a cheeky cheetah, there's something in there for everybody. So forget your boring old rings and take a walk on the wild side instead.


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