Every year I make Ramadan celebration project, this year I wanted to push my limits and make something entirely new. The idea was to celebrate with modern art style full of colors and life, using ink colors along with some magic.

I attached lanterns with nails to the fishing line and put them to the water tank. Then added the ink into the tank and took photos without letting lanterns to move. It took a lot of time to get perfect pictures. I had to remove the lanterns and refill the tank because every time water got colored it was hard for the camera to capture the ink. It took me about 30 times to get the photo I like.

I used 3 old lamps, because I don’t have fancy studio lights but I think they served well. I only needed 3 colors: red, blue and yellow. Mixing them I get a different result every time. Photoshop was only for cleaning some water bubbles on the water tank glass and removing the fishing line.

More info: behance.net