Iwona Podlasińska is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer with extraordinary childhood imagery full of whimsically candid gentility and rich dream-like charm.

Growing up in Kielce, Poland, a picturesque city bordered by green rolling hills and gently sloping mountains, Iwona became consumed with her job, daydreaming of foreign countries and the want of a better life for her and her family. Although she was left feeling unsettled, discouraged and unfulfilled, it all began to change and her void was slowly filled when, two years ago, she discovered a new-found intrigue in capturing the innocence and magic of childhood. By following around her two sons and their two cousins, Iwona re-discovered the world of imagination and saw with new eyes the beauty and magic in everyday life.

Instead of considering this a prosaic hobby, she feels incredibly privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to take a little step into their big, wonderful world and see it through their eyes. When creating her imagery, she is reminded of her own childhood- how she reminisces in amazement of the beauty in the world and all of its fascinating things to discover. Although every detail in each one of her pieces is carefully thought out with meticulous attention to composition, light and emotion, the captures themselves are taken quite spontaneously as she follows the children around and watches their carefree innocence and inquisitive play. By creating such breathtakingly moving art, she hopes her imagery will remind viewers of their own childhood and inspire other parents to take meaningful photos of their children as well.

Take one look at the vision of Iwona’s remarkable work and it is clear that this bright young woman’s future is anything but unpromising.

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