The internet is filled with adorable cats and kittens that give us that warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. Cheeto Dacutecat, a ginger feline who is using his charm, wit, and good looks on social media to advocate for pet adoption, has thrown a gender reveal party for a bunch of foster kittens that were born in his home.

Cheeto was rescued by his parents Megan and Gunnar when he was just eight weeks old. They share the now 2-year-old feline’s antics, wise thoughts, and words of inspiration on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Just days before Christmas, while Cheeto’s mom was visiting him from her trip to Norway, she responded to a plea for help from a lady who had found a pregnant kitty roaming around in a local business district. Megan took the cat in as a foster and prepared a comfy area for her to give birth. She was named ‘Cleo.’

About two weeks later, Cleo gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. Since then, Cheeto’s fans have been excitedly following the growth and activity of the kittens on social media. On Saturday, February 1st, he hosted his very first gender reveal party for the foster kittens.

It was indeed a celebration as fans waited patiently to hear the news about the boys and girls in the litter.

“Everyone was so excited to find out about the gender of the kittens, so I decided to make it special. I bought a cake and decorations and invited some friends over,” said Megan. She adds, “That morning, I went to the store to get some decorations. I was looking for some pink and blue ribbons. When the store clerk found out what they were for, it was as if her heart melted.”

Photos were posted of each kitten revealing their gender along with a request for name suggestions. There was a total of 3 girls and 2 boys in the bunch.

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Cheeto getting ready to party

A curious, yet very relaxed and laid back girl

A noisy boy who isn’t afraid to put up a fight

A lovely girl who’s already a star

I iz ferocious: a fierce little girl

A small baby boy with a BIG roar