Starting from a huge corpora of more than 10000 historical and contemporary paintings, Caedmon is a computer trying to learn how to create art. Caedmon ‘learn’ how to recreate two specific paintings, and then mixes what he learnt to generate a totally new image. Through fans’ likes, he can then understand which combinations people like better, and refine its process mixing his most appreciated creations together.

More info:

Some images created by Caedmon are really disturbing

Other are very elaborated

And some of them are very futuristic-looking

All those images derives by two “human” artworks

Caedmon performs an analysis of two artworks and mixes what he learn together

In order to create totally new pictures

Which it then mixes again

Until reaching very novel results

Which are influenced by what people likes or not

So that the system is constantly improving

With the aim of generating, at a certain point, the “definitive” work of art

Caedmon is fed by both traditional and contemporary artworks

Not only paints, but also prints

It gets inspiration by traditional, european art

As well as from art from other ages and areas