Australia is still battling the worst bushfire crisis the country has ever seen. For months, both Aussies and people from around the world joined in the efforts of containing the fires. With so many fires blazing throughout the country, people only hoped for one thing — that the drought season, which led to the merciless flames, finally comes to an end. Fortunately, nature, animals, and humans in Australia received some well-earned relief. The rain has finally started pouring down for the first time since September.One thing is clear — when it rains in Australia, it pours! After some areas in the country received a month’s worth of rain overnight, many people were left stranded by the floods. Recently, news came in that the dangerous storm cell continues to move across South-east Australia causing huge hailstones to rain down on Canberra. Even though nature seems to be going crazy in Australia right now, there are some positive aspects to it. Following the huge downpours, the natural terrain is finally recovering.

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Recently, actor Russell Crowe shared photos showing how his fire-devastated land recovered after it started raining again in Australia

Image credits: russellcrowe

Recently, Russell Crowe went back to his place in Australia and noticed a dramatic change. Everything is slowly starting to go back to its usual state. 10 weeks ago, his land was ravaged by blazing flames and looked miserable. Luckily, the rain which lasted a whole weekend helped the ground and trees to become green again.

People responded by posting photos showing how the recent storms changed their surroundings

Image credits: newsiegal

Image credits: newsiegal

After seeing Crowe’s photos, people began sharing how their own lands slowly came back to life.

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However, not everyone’s that lucky.

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However, many are still waiting for their land to recover from fires

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Many others are still waiting for the effects of the fire to diminish so they can get back to their old lives and rebuild what they have lost to the flames.

Earlier, the actor posted pictures showing fires blazing through the country

Image credits: russellcrowe

Image credits: russellcrowe

Ever since the fire started, Russell Crowe took to social media to show the devastating flames blazing through his hometown. To help overcome the crisis, Crowe donated $400,000 to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Image credits: russellcrowe

Image credits: russellcrowe

Here’s how people reacted to Crowe’s photod

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