It’s always hard when a tragedy strikes and we can do is deal with it. While rebuilding what was destroyed is sometimes impossible, salvaging the pieces left and starting anew is a good way to go. That is exactly what a 24-year-old law enforcement officer did after his house burned down. He decided to start working on their Dungeons and Dragons dice collection that he had lost a huge chunk of. “I lost everything in the fire including all my physical stuff,” Levvy told Bored Panda.

After ordering from Die Hard Dice, a company selling dice, Levvy did not expect to have the interaction he did after Die Hard responded with a “burning question”. Die Hard Dice sent a note and some additional goodies after learning about Levvy’s story. “By the time I emptied the box I was a bit teary eyed and in a state of disbelief at how kind they had been” Levvy added. Scroll down below to read the full story and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

24-year-old law enforcement officer Levvy recently shared a story about his order at Die Hard Dice

“I lost everything in the fire including all my physical stuff,” Levvy told Bored Panda


The message he received from Die Hard was a little unexpected

But once Die Hard realized what the situation was, they made the best move ever

Levvy explained exactly what happened


After the slight misunderstanding, Die Hard sent them a note

With some additional goodies for his games


To make up for the unintentional error with the “burning question”

Levvy wanted to express his appreciation

As well as remind everyone, how helpful and close the D&D community is

People quickly responded to the story