Bubble wrap is not fun. Said no one ever. Are you one of us who love the satisfying sensation of popping bubble wraps? Good. My brother and I created bubble wrapped city maps -PopMaps! – to enjoy the soothing pops while roaming the streets of any city in the world.

Now urban explorers can pop away the air filled circles street by street, following their paths. PopMap is not only an unconventional, playful tourist guide, it also serves as a great tool to release nervous energy while exploring the world. Several studies have shown the stress-relieving effect of bubble wraps and the way it relaxes people. Plus Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is a REAL thing, celebrated around the world on the last Monday of January. So pop through the sights with your therapeutic map and leave not a bubble behind.

We wanted the PopMaps to be light, 100% waterproof and easily folded or scrolled so there is definitely no extra stress with carrying them around. The maps show the most important places of interests and public transport routes, while each district is marked with a different colour.

Get your fingertips ready. Pick your trip and pop the next one.

More info: satorspace.com

Pop Through Any City!

Semi-Transparent Material With Dazzling Colours In The Sun

Colourful Travel Therapy

Light And Easy To Fold

Budapest Prototypes