A single and broke dad named Matt Burke shared a story about an amazing bond he created with his daughter through reading Harry Potter series together. However, he didn’t expect for J. K. Rowling to read it and respond.

In his story, Matt shared many heart-wrenching details about his life. “There have been too many evenings to count where I’ve gone without dinner so that she would be able to eat,” he wrote. Despite being unable to buy all of the basic necessities Matt didn’t give up. He’s trying hard to make the best out of his situation and be a good father. So, instead of going on trips with his daughter and buying expensive toys, Matt spends time with her reading books. As it turns out, his daughter loves Harry Potter and Matt had no other choice than to begin reading it too. “Now, if I’m being honest here, at first I was a little bit hesitant about getting involved in it because even in my mid 30’s I still seem to think I’m too cool for some things,” he said. But once they started reading these books together Matt couldn’t hide his excitement. “We’re having an absolute BLAST reading them together”

After noticing his story, the kind-hearted writer J.K Rowling gave him a lovely gift – a complete series of signed Harry Potter books, so he could continue reading them with his daughter. This kind act melted everyone’s hearts, and left Matt completely stunned.

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Meet Matt Burke a single and broke who’s trying his best at having quality time with his daughter

Despite financial issues, Matt found a wonderful way to spend time and bond with his daughter

Instead of going on trips with his daughter and buying expensive toys, Matt spends time with her reading books

They are having a blast reading Harry Potter series

Matt decided to share his heart-wrenching story and thank J.K Rowling for her wonderful books

People loved his honest story and praised him for being a good father

However, he probably didn’t expect for this person to read it

Matt was overwhelmed by the response form J.K Rowling

Her kindness left everyone stunned