It’s impossible to make everyone in the world like you and no matter how generous or charitable you are, there will always be someone who complains that what you’re doing isn’t enough.

That’s the situation one bride found herself in when she offered to pay for her four bridesmaids’ dresses, make-up, and even said she’d buy one of them a pair of shoes.

However, instead of thanking the bride for her willingness to cover a lot of the costs, one of the bridesmaids found something to complain about. Specifically, that the bride wouldn’t buy her an expensive pair of shoes of her own choosing and told her to pick out a budget option.

One bride was generous enough to offer to pay for one of her bridesmaid’s shoes for the wedding…

Image credits: Quinn Dombrowski (not the actual photo)

…but the bridesmaid chose a very expensive pair of shoes

The shoes cost 190 pounds (250 dollars), which is a lot when you take into account that the bride is already paying for so many things for her bridesmaids. Not to mention the cost of the actual wedding!

The cherry on top is that the bridesmaid has an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and isn’t willing to compromise by picking out a cheaper pair of shoes. Talk about being a real choosing beggar.

When Redditor Palm-vie posted the story on the ‘Choosing Beggars’ subreddit, it went viral, getting more than 12,200 upvotes in less than 7 hours. The Redditor had to explain several times to everyone that they weren’t the bride in question, though.

The question of whether the bride and groom should pay for everything related to the wedding is one that comes up a lot when the big day approaches.

For example, Gabriella Risatti of Gabriella New York Bridal Salon told journalists from the online magazine Brides that the rules regarding paying for bridesmaids have changed. “We’ve seen more brides paying for their bridesmaid dresses, especially if they pick a more expensive dress for their ‘maids to wear,” she said, stating that it would be thoughtful of the bride to help her bridesmaids out if she can afford to.

Usually, conflicts between brides and their bridesmaids center around the cost of clothing, make-up, etc. Some bridesmaids don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for clothes they’ll wear for one day and often this can lead to arguments, fights, and lots of bickering.

Some Reddit users gave the bride advice on how to handle the situation