Weddings are a joyous occasion that seems to bring out the worst in people – namely the bride. There is no shortage of bridezilla stories and the demands they make for their family in friends, which seem to be more in line with a military boot camp than a wedding. From what they can eat to dress based on weight, we’ve seen it all.

Recently, a party guest shared her encounter with a bridezilla to the Facebook group ‘that’s it, I’m wedding shaming (non ban-happy edition)‘ – where people “come together to bond over cringe-worthy weddings and wedding-related events.” The woman, a friend of the groom, was informed by the bride that her tattoos and hair color did not go with the wedding theme and madness ensued.

A wedding guest with tattoos was contacted by the bride to say her look ‘clashed’ with the wedding theme – and she shuts her down

Image credits: Alessandro-Tomiello (not the actual photo)

The woman who shared the post explained that she had “worked really hard to get along with this girl,” whose fianće was her friend. Described as “challenging at times” she explained that she mostly got along with bride – but found her demands to be ridiculous – and others agreed. The exchange began with an innocent request, but when the OP refused things escalated.

The OP prefaced the screenshots with the backstory and said she hadn’t told the fianće yet but had plans to in person

And added that she preferred names and faces were obscured when sharing the post to avoid even further drama between their friends and family

People were shocked at the request and the behavior of the bride