Loyal employees are crazy valuable to companies. These people are usually focused on the success of the company and are willing to go the extra mile to help it get places. They sacrifice their own time and interests to put more energy into the corporation, and it’s common to see these dedicated employees carrying out such selfless acts on a daily basis. They want the company to grow and prosper beyond setbacks and competitors, and are one of the cornerstones of strong enterprises. And one boss just lost such a trooper thanks to their own narrow-minded decision.

Image credits: Shaneé Moret

Shaneé Moret recently turned to LinkedIn to share a story about the time her friend’s superior humiliated him in front of the entire office for being a few minutes late. The boss ticked all the boxes they shouldn’t have in such a situation and has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. This example is the perfect reminder of why companies need leaders who can value their staff and, hopefully, it’ll get the attention it needs.

And it wasn’t like the boss was constantly being a jerk or anything. The employee completely lost his faith in the company after this one incident, proving how important it really is for leaders to constantly bring their A-game when it comes to managing their teams.

“My friend’s opinion of his boss was good until that point,” Moret, the CEO of MedSnake Media, told Bored Panda.

She also offered her own take on the situation, highlighting how the boss could’ve handled it. “They should have asked why he was late before threatening him. We are all human and as leaders, we need to be empathetic to our team. You never know what someone may be going through,” Moret explained.

Luckily, Moret said her friend is doing well as he has already found a new job.

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