Rayo: The world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.

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Rayo : The Ultimate Bicycle Tail-Light

The world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.

The brightest way to be seen!

Engineered Optics

Rayo uses specifically designed total internal reflection (TIR) lenses to direct and focus light emitted by LEDs. The combination of three LEDs and two TIR lenses with different specifications enhances visibility from both the rear and the sides.

Smart Brake

Upon braking, Rayo will detect that you are slowing down and will automatically trigger a brake light, warning traffic behind you. At the core of this feature is an algorithm that accurately tracks the movement of the bike, similar to what is integrated into modern drones.

Pattern Customization

The blinking patterns of each LED light in Rayo are user-configurable, allowing you to create the best signaling options depending on your riding style, traffic, and weather conditions. Future updates will include additional flashing patterns.

Daylight Visible

At a maximum of 90 lumens with specialized optics, Rayo is also daylight visible. Catch the attention of vehicles, other riders, and pedestrians, no matter what time of day it is.

Group LED Synchronization

Rayo’s one-of-a-kind feature is group LED synchronization. Rayo can synchronize flashing patterns with nearby Rayo lights, making you and fellow riders stand out as a group. Synchronization takes effect without the hassle of manually pairing devices.

Theft Alert

Rayo offers a theft alert feature that notifies you through the Rayo mobile app when unfamiliar movement is detected on your bike. Now, take that break without worrying about whether or not your bike is being tampered with.

Mobile App Connectivity

Rayo’s mobile app allows you to configure Rayo’s many features intuitively. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, connecting Rayo to your smartphone is fast and simple.

Additional Features

All of Rayo’s features come sealed within an IP67 waterproof body. Touch control has been seamlessly integrated to make Rayo effortless to operate. A built-in USB port makes Rayo rechargeable at home, in the office, and from external power banks.