As a balloon artist and graphic designer, I struggled for years on a way to combine both my talents into one creative art form.

I’ve always loved children’s books and that’s when I had the idea to create picture books but instead of paints and pencils I’d create the designs with balloons… for everything.

I started the project in 2012 as a hobby and became more and more passionate about it as the months went on. 4 years later I finished my first book, the ABC Balloon Book.

It took over 100,000 balloons and 1000s of hours to create. I made it a point that absolutely every design element on the page had to be a balloon. So everything from the sky to the landscapes to the animals are all made of an inflated or un-inflated balloon.

The book has now become widely popular in multiple countries and the best thing of all is that my designs are helping kids learn their alphabet and ultimately to read!

Enjoy the photos below!

More info:

#1 Balloon Alligator

#2 Balloon Butterfly

#3 Balloon Chicken

#4 Balloon Dragon

#5 Balloon Elephant

#6 Balloon Frog

#7 Balloon Giraffe

#8 Balloon Honey Bee

#9 Balloon Ibex

#10 Balloon Jelly Fish

#11 Balloon Kangaroo

#12 Balloon Lady Bug

#13 Balloon Monkey

#14 Balloon Newt

#15 Balloon Owl

#16 Balloon Peacock

#17 Balloon Quahog (Suprisingly, it’s a real thing and not just the city where Family Guy is based)

#18 Balloon Rabbit

#19 Balloon Skunk

#20 Balloon Turtle

#21 Balloon Unicorn

#22 Balloon Vulture

#23 Balloon Walrus

#24 Balloon X-Ray Fish

#25 Balloon Yak

#26 Balloon Zebra

Images of me making the animals for the ABC Balloon Book