As a professional newborn and baby photographer, I’ve had some pretty “interesting” requests over the years as I’ve captured portraits of hundreds of tiny humans. But this one takes the cake… Brain cake.

We all know of the “Terrible Twos”, but has anyone heard of the “Undead Ones”? Neither had I. For my little client’s first birthday his parents requested a realistic zombie cake smash, complete with a custom brain cake. No makeup was involved, but lots of creative editing was needed to complete the vision.

While this zombie theme might be a little too dramatic and gory for some, this baby sure enjoyed every bite of his first birthday cake!

Side note: The grandma of this adorable one-year-old had just taught him “How big [are you]?” The answer of “So big! [insert quintessential arms up zombie pose]” ended up being the absolute best finale!

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Mmm brain…

The eerily realistic brain cake… Complete with raspberry blood

Digging in…

Brain matter

Enjoying every bite

Zombie baby!

One… More… Bite…

Just minutes before… It’s amazing what some creative editing can do!

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