My dad is a certified pilot and airplane mechanic, lifelong engine enthusiast, and Aviation Maintenance Professor. He recently designed and launched a collection of incredible, complex engine models that are highly technical, beautiful, and innovative. He uses these models in the classroom and also sells kits made from laser-cut birch wood to other engine enthusiasts.

His first two designs were successfully funded last year through Kickstarter, and he is introducing four additional model kits this year. We recently launched his second Kickstarter campaign, where you can view a video of the models turning and read all about the engines that inspired each model!

More info:

Morris Models – Laser Cut Engine Model Kits

Single Cylinder Engine Kit

Single Cylinder Details

Wankel Engine Kit

Wankel Details

Wankel Details

V-Twin Engine Kit

V-Twin Details

V-Twin Details

Radial Engine Kit

Radial Details

Rotary Engine Kit

Rotary Details

Opposed Aircraft Engine Kit

Opposed Aircraft Engine Details