My first architectural series of Barcelona has been the most popular article on my blog in 2017, so I spent dozens of hours exploring Barcelona to propose you another “Looking up” series.

The Modernism and modern architecture make Barcelona a rich city for urban exploration. Believe me, I never stop to discover new spots. Some of them are hidden, private or only opened once per year (during the 48h open house Barcelona). Here we also have a great example of how giant companies have bought and destroyed architectural heritage in order to create temples of mass consumption. Think about it.

Ceilings are definitely a precious element of interior architecture and design. They fascinate me because there are unreachable, untouchable, and they make photogenic patterns. There are attractive, bewitching and inspiring.

This is another series of 10 photographies taken in my hometown Barcelona.

More info:

Modelo Prison – By Salvador Viñals y Josep Domènech i Estapà, 1881

Recinte modernista Sant Pau – By Lluís Domènech i Montaner, 1905 – World UNESCO Heritage

Antic Hotel Diagonal Tuset – By Domènec Sugrañes i Gras, 1929

Torres Venecianas – By Ramon Reventós, 1929

Zara plaza Catalunya – By Eugenio Pedro Cendoya, 1931

Cilindre d’Horta – Infrastructure built in the 90’s

H&M Portal de Angel – By Estudio Mariscal, 2008

Ayre Hotel Rossellon – By Wortmann, Guillermo Bañares & Carlos Narváez, 2009

Hotel Catedral – Renovated in 2009

Metro Station Llefià – By Alfons Soldevila Barbosa, 2010