This story is about April a cute little 3 month old kitten I found near my swimming pool in GOA,India. She had been bit by a group of dogs leaving her stomach cut and her paw fractured badly.

I knew that I had to help her, So I and my parents immediately took her to the vet they gave her injections for Rabies, treated the cuts and much more. I had her For over 3 weeks and now she lives happily in her forever home. I miss her a lot, she used to sleep with me on bed(we cleaned her and gave her a bath too) We used to go and play outside in the garden and used to do everything together,She also used to tell when she wants to go(she used to scratch the door or stay near the window or even go out on her own. We treated her like a princess . Me and my parents still keep in touch with the people who adopted her, they have over 11 cats and 3 dogs.on behalf of April please help other animals in need. Thanks a lot to the people who adopted her. I have been feeding and taking care of many dogs and cats back in Bangalore but unfortunately I don’t have their pics..


Sunbathing 2

She even scratched the carpets though…

Sunbathing 3

Sunbathing 4

Sunbathing 5

Silly cat

On her way to her new house

She has her own room too

Favourite toy

Sophie, her new deaf but cute sister

This is Emily

Her new Doggo friend