Making a powerful and memorable PSA campaign is a hefty task. But is it really that hard not to make it sound like everyone in your state is high on meth? We are looking at you, South Dakota. Apparently, the state recently launched a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the meth epidemic, however, many people interpreted the campaign’s tagline “Meth. We are on it” as claiming that everyone in South Dakota is doing methamphetamine.

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Recently South Dakota started trending on the internet for releasing an eyebrow-raising antidrug campaign

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The campaign was launched as Governor Kristi Noem’s initiative to battle the methamphetamine crisis in the state. However, soon after the campaign was launched, she had to start explaining the real message of the ads.

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According to Noem, they decided to make this PSA a bit different. Instead of condemning the drug addiction, they aimed to bring the community together by encouraging people to help those who struggle with drug abuse.

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So, the tagline “Meth. We are on it” means ‘we are on the case of meth’ rather than ‘we’re all doing it’.

The reactions to the campaign varied, with some finding the tagline hilarious to others saying it’s outright horrible. It doesn’t help that the campaign was ridiculously expensive. According to Argus Leader, it cost a staggering amount of $449,000.

Here’s how people reacted

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