Bled is one of the most photogenic places in Slovenia and if you are lucky enough to catch the sunrise on a foggy day, you will be awarded with spectacular views. I arrived very early that day since I wanted to make some night panoramas also, and not just the sunrise.

As the sunrise was approaching the fog started to thicken and I was afraid all I would see that day is fog. Fortunately the conditions were changing rapidly so I managed to get some very nice shots of the sun penetrating the fog and creating a beautiful golden color of the water and the mist.

Ducks are your loyal companions when you are taking photographs at lake Bled, it’s almost impossible not to see them. They will always come to greet you and to check if you have some food for them.

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More info:

Boat just departed from the island

Close up of the church in double contrast

Sun is starting to light up the fog

The island is hiding in the mist


Conditions were changing rapidly

Jog into the fog

Last look of the double contrast

Lake Bled at night

Engulfed in fire

Lake Bled church and the castle under a starry night