I captured the beautiful sunrise at lake Bled in Slovenia. Ojstrica is one of the most popular locations to take photographs of Bled and many postcards and posters were made on this exact spot. A dear friend of mine once showed me this location and I decided on the spot that I just have to capture a sunrise from here. I visualized the light and how it would first touch the mountain top and then slowly move towards the castle and the church.

It was crystal clear that morning when I checked the weather conditions and it looked like I would have perfect light to take some nice images of Bled. However, when I arrived to the vicinity of the town, the fog was so thick I could barely see anything. I was disappointed at first, but soon realized that if Ojstrica was above the fog I could get some spectacular shots. Especially if the fog would slowly lift at the sunrise (which fortunately did). I made it to the top just before the magic started to happen.

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