In 1993 I had a bit of a nervous breakdown and had to stop work as a draughtswoman. I remember driving to work and having the urge to drive into every tree that passed. When I got to work that day I just couldn’t function, I couldn’t concentrate and when my collegue asked “You Ok?” I just burst into tears. I was in such a state they had to drive me home.

Many years later I still struggle on a daily basis. I’ve been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and ADHD (innatentive type). My dream, my goal, my drive throughout all those years was, and still is, to be an artist. Finally, I’ve found out what ‘floats my boat’ – I love making miniatures. Specifically 1/12th scale dioramas or room boxes.

Now I have an exhibition that I’m working towards in December, I feel that I’m eventually going to make it.

People have been telling me that I AM an artist, but I’ve never really felt like it. Even though I know I’m quite acomplished at drawing and painting, I just find it a bit boring (ADHD at work here). It takes me such a long time to finish a painting, I just don’t have the motivation to keep at it. The miniatures are a whole different story, I have a passion for it that keeps me going and if I get bored I just work on a different piece of the project.

At the moment I’m working on ‘Dr Muffets study’. Based on the theory that ‘Little Miss Muffet’ was written by Thomas Muffet, an entemologist and doctor, for his daugher, Patience. The scene being Patience in her fathers study enjoying her breakfast (curds and whey) in peace and gets a bit of a suprise.

Little Miss Muffet

The first doll I’ve ever made. Her head, hands and boots are made from polymer clay. Her body has a pipe cleaner armature underneath fabric and wadding.

Self portrait

My eye – one of my paintings

My Studio at home

I’m very lucky to have a room at home all to myself for all my equipment and materials.

Current project

A corner dispaly unit that I’m working on, built from obeche wood

Dr Muffets glasses and quill pen

‘Dr Muffet wearily put down his new glasses. They certainly made seeing easier but he still loathed having to write to his mother every single week’